The test kit offers a major breakthrough. Touch & Know patented technology combined with advanced chemistry, safety and user friendly, offering the most reliable and accurate test kits on the market. The kit meets the strict standards of IDenta's professional identification kits, used by law enforcement agencies worldwide. 

Catalog Number: IDT3000
Probe Type: Touch Sampler
Probe Effective on: Leaves
Weight: 40 gram
Size: 50x95x25 mm
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Spanish Instruction
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Quick Overview

Touch&Know® is the first over-the-counter home drug test kit in the world.
With the new product series you can choose to buy a specific kit to identify suspicious substances at any place.
This test is impossible to cheat, there is no need for urine or hair samples.
100% safe and easy to use, Touch&Know® is perfect for concerned parents, school administrators, youth workers, human resources and law enforcement. Immediate results, No lab required.
99% Accurate: Even if/when the narcotic is mixed with other substances.
Smart Tip Probe: Adhesive tip picks up micro-particles, requiring only a small amount of the substance.
Safe-Squeeze: Reaction chemicals are contained safely in a hard plastic shell.
No-Spill Seal: Reaction chemicals remain locked inside the test unit.